Protection of your e-mail privacy

Create a different identity for each website to hide your real e-mail address.
Never receive unwanted emails again!

How It Works

Protect your personal identity everywhere
Create an account

Create a random email alias to shield your mailbox

Whenever you need to enter email on any website or app - simply go to our website and generate a new random address that ends in — and all incoming emails will be forwarded to your main email address associated with your account.

Create a new alias

Manage your account to control who can sent you emails

Keep track of the aliases you’ve created in simple dashboard. If you find that one of your email addresses is receiving spam or unwanted messages, you can block the forwarding with one click.

Manage your Relay aliases

Protect privacy from hackers, spam, phishing and data breach

Stay save. Emails sent to an alias are forwarded* to your mailbox without the sender knowing anything. *Max 1Mb/email